The workplace

Here is an overview of information regarding the CEU workplace and employment at CEU.

Employee Reference Manual
This document is a helpful starting point for finding information regarding employment at CEU.

Employee Benefits

Personal Leave (Vacation)
CEU provides employees with annual personal leave/vacation entitlements calculated and recorded by the HRO in accordance with the Hungarian Labor Code. For more, including the required personal leave request form, please see

Public Holidays and Special Days Off
CEU is closed on Hungarian public holidays, a list of which is available here: In addition, CEU may close for “special days off.” The complete list of dates when the University is closed is available on the Academic Calendar,

Sick Leave
Employees who are sick on days when they were scheduled to work may take sick leave. To receive sick leave cash benefits, i.e. payment for sick leave days, employees must provide a doctor’s note/certificate (keresőképtelenség igazolására or táppénzes papír) from their general practitioner or a state hospital attesting to their inability to work due to sickness. For more, see

Unpaid Leave
In certain cases, CEU will grant an employee’s request for unpaid leave. When an employee is on unpaid leave, his/her employment relationship with CEU is temporarily suspended. As such, s/he will not receive his/her salary and CEU suspends the provision of employee benefits. For more, see

Employee are paid no later than the 2nd of the following month (typically on the last working day of the month by wire transfer). For more, click here.

Resources for Navigating the CEU Workplace
Click here for a list of resources for successfully navigating the CEU workplace, including a campus map, information on registering visitors, reserving rooms and borrowing equipment, employee directories, dining, lost & found, the CEU Cash Desk, common abbreviations, the CEU Library, photocopying and printing services, CEU Medical Center, CEU Sports Center, the CEU Planet newsletter, and the Hungary Around the Clock News Service.

Cultural Life at CEU
Departments and Units across the University organize a variety of cultural and community events such as performances, celebrations, an international cultural festival, an annual picnic, volunteer opportunities, and more. Announcements for such events are often sent via email, but employees can also check the calendar of arts events here  

Employee Records
Employees may view their personnel record by visiting the HRO at any time during regular working hours.