Unpaid Leave

CEU will grant your request for unpaid leave in the following cases:

  • for the purpose of childcare until your child reaches age 3;
  • for the purpose of childcare until your child reaches age 10 if the child has a chronic illness;
  • for a period of 30 days to two years for the nursing or homecare of a close family member relative (a spouse or domestic partner; parent/adoptive parent/foster parent/stepparent; child/adopted child/stepchild/foster child; grandparent; sibling; sibling’s spouse; or spouse or domestic partner’s parent, sibling, or grandparent) so long as you personally provide the care. Extended homecare and its justification must be certified by the physician of the person receiving the care; or
  • for the duration of voluntary military reserve service.  

In all other cases, approval of unpaid leave is at the discretion of the University.

Please read this whole page to understand the consequences of taking unpaid leave, including on your healthcare and pension.

Submitting an Unpaid Leave Request to CEU
After securing support from your supervisor, please submit your request for unpaid leave (with your supervisor’s approval attached or in a forwarded email chain) via email to the HRO at least 15 days in advance. The request should include the start date of the leave, and if known, the end date. The HRO will forward the request to the Vice-President for Administration for administrative staff and the Provost/Academic Pro-Rector for academic staff for their approval. In the case of granted longer unpaid leave requests, whenever possible, please inform your supervisor and the HRO in writing 30 days prior to your return from the unpaid leave. 

Effects of Taking Unpaid Leave from CEU
When an employee takes unpaid leave, his/her employment relationship with CEU is temporarily suspended. As such s/he does not receive a salary and CEU suspends provision of employee benefits for the duration of the unpaid leave, including contributions toward the employee’s social security benefits (state health insurance, state pension, and labor market/ unemployment contribution). Additionally, if the employee is on unpaid leave for more than 30 days, the calculation of his/her "time insured in Hungary" for sick leave and cash benefits will reset to zero.

Healthcare Coverage While on Unpaid Leave
As employee healthcare coverage in the Hungarian state system is based on the payment of contributions - unless you are entitled to government-provided cash benefits under the GYED, GYES, or GYET programs - taking unpaid leave will have the following consequences on your healthcare coverage.

  1. If you’ve had a Hungarian address cards for less than one year, you must contribute to the Hungarian Health Insurance Fund (NEAK, formerly OEP) until the date when you reach one year if you would like to receive emergency-only medical care through the state healthcare system (the monthly contribution in 2018 is 69,000HUF). Otherwise, you can choose to purchase private health insurance. After reaching one year of having a Hungarian address card, you must pay the Health Services Contribution, however at the lower cost referenced in section B. You also must and report your unpaid leave to the Hungarian Tax Office (NAV).
  2. If you’ve had a Hungarian Address Card and Hungarian State Healthcare coverage for at least one year and will not be covered in another EEA country’s state healthcare system while on unpaid leave, you must continue to pay your Health Services Contribution. In 2018, the contribution is 244HUF a day or 7,320HUF/month. With this contribution, you retain access to the Hungarian state healthcare system, but you cannot receive cash benefits, such as maternity or childcare cash benefits. Additionally, this contribution allows you to retain your ability to apply for a European Health Insurance Card. Within 15 days of your first day of unpaid leave, you must report the start date of your unpaid leave to the Hungarian Tax Office (NAV) using form 18T1011, available here: https://hro.ceu.edu/sites/default/files/field_attachment/page/node-29013/18t1011a.pdf. You must also report to NAV when you return to work using the form here: https://hro.ceu.edu/sites/default/files/field_attachment/page/node-29013/18t1011b.pdf. Until English translations become available, contact the HRO payroll team at payroll@ceu.edu for assistance with these forms.
  3. If you’ve had a Hungarian Address Card and were covered under the Hungarian State Healthcare System while working for CEU but you will be covered in another EEA country’s state healthcare system while on unpaid leave, you must report the start date of your leave to the OEP using the NEU.70 form (http://www.neak.gov.hu/data/cms1018310/NEU.70.K.pdf). In this case, your access to the Hungarian state healthcare system ceases with the commencement of your unpaid leave in Hungary. If there is a gap in coverage between the NEAK (OEP) system and the other EEA country’s state healthcare system, you will have to make the required payments into the OEP system (244HUF/day or 7,320HUF/month in 2018) until your other coverage starts. Lastly, you must report to the NEAK (formerly OEP) when you return to work.
  4. If you do not have a Hungarian Address Card, you are not required to pay into the National Health Insurance Fund of Hungary (NEAK, formerly OEP), but you must consult the regulations of the country in which you stay, including Hungary, during your unpaid leave regarding requirements and entitlements to healthcare benefits.

Pension Service Time While on Unpaid Leave
Employees who are on unpaid leave do not earn "service time" toward their pension unless they enter into an agreement with the Social Security Office and make the required monthly pension contributions. The amount of the contribution will depend on your individual agreement, but may not be lower than 34% of the prevailing minimum wage (in 2018, the minimum wage is 138,000HUF/month). Such agreements cannot be entered into retroactively.

Making a Payment toward the Hungarian Health Insurance Fund (NEAK, formerly OEP)
To make a Hungarian healthcare payment, transfer the required amount to the following bank account:

Name of Account: NAV Egészségbiztositási Alapot megillető bevételek beszedési számla
Account Number: 10032000-06056229
Code of Contribution: 124
Note: Include your Tax Number (adóigazolvány) and the period for which the payment is intended (e.g. January 2018) in the note section