Holiday entitlement

Per the Hungarian Labor Code, employees receive a standard minimum allotment of 20 days of paid personal leave (vacation) per calendar year. In addition, employees receive additional personal leave days depending on their age and the number, if any, of their dependents under age 17.


To receive the additional leave for dependents or children under 17, employees must complete the required form by January 23, 2018 (or after birth or at the start of employment relationship) and send it to

Use of personal leave must be approved 15 days in advance by an employee’s supervisor using the Holiday Request form.
Each calendar year’s annual personal leave allotment must be used by December 31 and may not be carried over into the next year

Employee is eligible for 2 additional paid vacation days in case of the death of a close relative (spouse, grandparents, parents, children, brothers/sisters).