Jewish Studies Project

Jewish Studies at Central European University has played an important role in revitalizing the study of Jewish history, culture and society in a region where these topics were too often neglected or considered taboo. Established in the years of euphoria following the fall of Communism, Central European University offers a unique opportunity for students to study the ramified Jewish experience in Central and Eastern Europe from the eighteenth century until today.  

In a one-year master's program, students can choose from core courses taught by the permanent faculty alongside a wide range of courses taught by visiting professors from Israel, North America, and Europe.  We also offer a Ph.D. program for advanced students.  In keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of Central European University, the Jewish Studies specialization is offered within the broader framework of the History Department and the Nationalism Studies Program, thereby encouraging students to examine Jewish history, culture and society in a comparative context using a wide range of theoretical and methodological tools.  Interested applicants should apply to the History Department and/or the Nationalism Studies Program and indicate an interest in the Jewish Studies specialization.
We also offer a Jewish Studies public lecture series, which is
currently in its ninth year.   These public lectures are published in
our bi-annual Jewish Studies Yearbook, along with other original
research by students and faculty.