Important notice about health insurance outside Hungary for Employees and their family members

If you have all the necessary permits to work in Hungary, from the very first day of your employment you have a health insurance in Hungary. Your gross monthly salary is reduced automatically with the social security charges providing the basis of your insurance. Irrespective of your nationality, based on this payment – and upon receiving your Health Insurance Card – you will receive the very same services and benefits as Hungarian citizens. If you work in Hungary but you pay your social security contributions in another country, you will not be automatically insured – you have to submit your S1 form issued by another EU member state to the Hungarian Social Security Office.

Your Hungarian health insurance will not automatically cover the costs of medical services outside Hungary. In EEA countries, Switzerland and Croatia, the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) provides basis for certain medical services. EHIC holders will be covered by the Hungarian health insurance scheme. However, it must be underlined that the scope of the services covered – entirely or partly – by your EHIC varies from country to country.

Non-Hungarian citizens paying social security contributions in Hungary are entitled to receive the EHIC only if they have their permanent residency and permanent address in Hungary which is proved by a plastic Address Card (in Hungarian: Lakcímkártya) – see below. Employees may apply for EHIC from the very first day of their employment, family members under 18 are entitled from the date when they receive their address card and family members above 18 will be entitled once they have completed their first year of residence in Hungary.


Third country citizens (non-EEA nationals and not being family members of EEA citizens) receive ’Temporary place of residence registration form’ (in Hungarian: ’Szálláshely bejelentőlap’) – see below – during the residence permit application procedure. Consequently, the EHIC will not be issued for them.


After 3-5 years of continuously having official resident status in Hungary, third country citizens may request a Permanent Residence Permit which draws with itself the issuing of a plastic address card for them. For further information and help, please contact CEU HRO.

Based on the above, we strongly recommend you to consider the most appropriate way of being insured before you travel – on official mission or for personal purposes – outside Hungary. In case you are on a CEU mission abroad, your department coordinator will order you a travel insurance as well if you request. If you travel for personal reasons – e.g. go on holidays – please make sure that you are properly covered by an insurance scheme.


Page updated on January 20, 2017