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Please feel free to turn to the HR Officer responsible for your department/unit or for a specific field if you have any questions or requests.

To keep the privacy you and your questions deserve and to spare yourself the waiting, make an appointment with your HR Officer prior to coming into our offices.

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HRO task division as of May 28, 2018 - to see the chart please click here


To find out who your HR Officer is, just click on the name of your department/unit below.

Budget and Finance Office
Building Maintenance Group
Campus Services Group
Campus Redevelopment Office

Center for Teaching and Learning
CEU Kft.

Communications Office (inlc. Web Unit)Computer Lab and Statistics Center
Department of Cognitive Science
(incl. the Cognitive Development Center)
Department of Economics and Business
Development Office
Doctoral School of SPP/IR/POLS
Environmental Sciences Department
Gender Studies Department
History Department
(incl. Religious Studies, Pasts Inc.)
Institutional Research Office
Department of International Relations
Jewish Studies Program
Legal Office
Legal Studies Department
Mathematics Department
Medieval Studies Department
(incl. Source Language Teaching Group (SLTG))
Nationalism/ Jewish Studies
Office of Academic Secretary
Office of the Dean of Students
Office of the Vice-President of Enrollment Management, Career Services and Alumni Relations
Office of the Vice President for Administration
Philosophy Department

Political Sciences Department
Pro-Rectorate for HU and EU Affairs
Provost's Office
Research Centers
Sociology Department
Source Language Teaching Group

Specific HR tasks:

Payroll, taxes: