Customs information for non-EU citizens

Travel items are exempt from import duty

Generally, according to Hungarian customs regulations, what you bring along with you when entering Hungary for your personal and professional needs will be considered travel items, to be customs-cleared through a simple customs procedure; i.e., without a bank guarantee.

The following list represents the limitations as to what are considered travel items:

your own jewelry, 1 portable TV set, 1 portable VCR, 1 portable computer (laptop), 2 cameras, 10 rolls of film, 1 portable video recorder, 10 empty video cassettes, 1 portable stereo, 1 portable CD player, 10 CDs, 1 portable radio, 1 cassette player, 1 portable fax machine, 1 baby carriage, 1 tent with camping items, sports items (e.g., fishing equipment, 1 bicycle, 1 canoe or kayak, 2 pairs of skis, 2 tennis rackets, 1 windsurfing board), 1 parachute and similar items

Used clothes and books in limited numbers, as well as other personal items with a value of under approximately 300 Euro fall into the same category. Please pay attention when compiling the list of items you will bring into Hungary.

We advise everyone to try to reduce imports to within the limits described above, in order to avoid complications in customs procedures when entering and exiting the country.


Different lists are needed for insurance and customs

Two different lists should be made of items to be shipped to Hungary:

1. List of the shipped items for insurance purposes

On the list for insurance purposes you can include the amount you would like to be reimbursed for in case of damage or loss.

2. List of items for customs clearance in Hungary

The shipping company should receive a list expressly for customs purposes. The price of each item should be the used price and not the new price. The customs office in Hungary will calculate the import duty on the basis of the listed value of shipment.


Bank guarantee

Should you need to import other household goods that are not considered travel items, these can be imported without payment of import duty for the time during which you will be living and working in Hungary. However, the import duty of these items must be covered by a bank guarantee. Please note that CEU cannot assume the responsibility of arranging the customs clearance of vehicles owned by prospective faculty members.

A valid residency visa is required for the issuing of a bank guarantee. The bank guarantee, along with the residence permit, must be extended every year. The customs office observes temporary import deadlines. Should you miss the deadline for some reason you will be responsible for paying the import duty.