Social Security Benefits

Benefits provided by the social welfare system are available through the health insurance and pension insurance systems.

Health insurance benefits are as follows:

a) health services:

  • medical advisory services/ general practitioner,
  • dental care,
  • outpatient services: on the basis of a referral by the general practitioner or if according to the relevant regulations a doctor’s referral is not required for the specialized services in question,
  • inpatient care in Medical Institution,
  • maternity care,
  • medical rehabilitation,
  • patient transport, rescue operation

b) cash benefits:

  • pregnancy-maternity benefits,
  • child-care benefits,
  • sick-pay,
  • accident benefits,
  • emergency medical services,
  • benefits for accident-related injuries,
  • accident compensation.


Pension insurance benefits are as follows:

a) social security pension benefits on one’s own right:

  • old-age benefits,
  • invalidity benefits,
  • accident-related disability pension;

b) dependents’ benefits:

  • widow’s pension,
  • orphans’ pension,
  • parent’s benefits,
  • accident-related dependent’s benefits.

c) rehabilitation benefits


Dental care

Insured persons shall be eligible for the following dental care services:

a) up to 18 years of age, and subsequently insofar as attending a secondary school or vocational school as a full-time student, and from the time of pregnancy up to the 90th day following birth, to all core benefits and specialized services, not including technical costs;

b) over 18 years of age, to emergency services, dental surgery procedures, scaling and gum treatment;

c) over the age of 60, in addition to what is contained in Paragraph b), to all core benefits and specialized services, not including technical costs;

d) irrespective of age, to treatment of basic dental and oral diseases, and to special check-ups as prescribed for focal infection;

e) to treatment for the preservation of teeth as described in specific other legislation.