Public Holidays in Hungary

Hungarian public holidays are a mixture of Christian based religious days  and more political holidays celebrating freedom and/or independence.

January 1                                       

New Year's Day


March 15

National Day

Memorial day of the 1848 revolution and war of independence  

March 30 (in 2018)


April 2 (in 2018)

Good Friday




May 1

Labor Day and the anniversary of the accession to the EU 


May 20-21 (in 2018)



August 20

St, Stephen's Day


Foundation of the State and the day of the new bread 

October 23

National Day

Memorial day of the 1956 Revolution

November 1

All Saints Day, Day of the Dead

It is a day to remember the lost ones

December 25-26



Holidays not endorsed by the state

December 6

Santa Clause, St. Nicholas Day

Children get various chocolate pieces from Santa Claus by morning- They might also get (birch) rods exclusively or beside their presents. 

December 31 New Year's Eve (Szilveszter)  


Special events in Budapest and in the Countryside

Budapest offers a wide range of annual festivals. The programmes include classical, contremporary and folk music, dance, arts and cultural performances, exhibitions, films and much more.

Besides the Budapest Festival, there are many festivals held in every major city in the country all year round. Each has its own unique themes and selection of events and attractions.

Mid-March to mid-April

Budapest Spring Festival

Mid-March to mid-April

Budapest Fringe Festival

Mid-June to mid-August

Summer on the Chain Bridge


Sziget Festival


Festival of Folk Arts (Mesterségek Ünnepe)

Late August to early September      

Jewish Summer Festival

Mid-September to mid-October

Budapest Baroque Music Festival


Budapest Autumn Festival


Some of the most attractive Countryside Festivals

Hortobágy Equestrian Days (late June)

Kőszeg Street Theatre Festival (late July)

Sopron Early Music Days (late June)

Savaria International Dance Competition in Szombathely (July)

Miskolc Opera Festival (late June)

Debrecen Jazz Days (July)

Miskolc Kalálka International Folk Festival (July)

Floral Festival in Debrecen

Győr Summer Festival (late June)

Szeged Open Air Festival (mid-July to August)

Győr Summer Cultural Festival (late June to late July)

Eger Wine Harvest Festival (September)

Pannon Festival in Pécs (July and August)

Formula 1 Hungaroring near Mogyoród, 18 km northeast of Budapest

Szentendre Summer Festival (July)