Facts about Hungary

 Country name: Magyarország 

Location: Central Europe

Capital: Budapest

Total area: 93,030 sq km (out of which 690 sq km is water )

Language: Hungarian

Currency: Forint (HUF)

Population: 9,818,000 (2016)

Government type: Parliamentary democracy

President: János Áder

Prime Minister: Viktor Orbán

Legal system: based on the German-Austrian legal system

Ethnic groups: Hungarian people (90%), others include Roma (Gypsies), Germans, Serbs, Slovaks, and Romanians.

Main religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant (Calvinist and Lutheran), Greek Catholic, Jewish and Orthodox

Time: GMT +1 HOUR

Highest peak: Kékes (1,015 m) in the Mátra Mountains

Main rivers: Duna, Tisza, Dráva, Lajta, Rábca, Rába, Zala, Mura, Ipoly, Zagyva, Sajó, Hernád, Bodrog, Szamos, Hármas-Körös, Maros

Largest lakes: Balaton, Fertő, Velence