Car registration

 Registration tax must be paid on every private motor vehicle or motor cycle which is intended to be released into Hungarian circulation. The tax payment is due when a motor vehicle is installed into service. The tax is levied by the customs authorities and is determined as a lump-sum amount, depending on the size and the fuel of the engine, the environmental classification and the age of the vehicle.

For detailed information about the process and assessment of registration tax, please see the Act CX of 2003 on Motor Vehicle Registration Duty (Novell Applications: Databases/Legal/Complex HMJ) or contact the authorithies below.

National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (Nemzeti Adó-és Vámhivatal)





National Transport Authority (Nemzeti Közlekedési Hatóság)

1066 Budapest, Teréz krt. 38.

Phone: 373-1442




You can estimate your tax liability by using the calculator at (Hungarian language only)

Please note that liability insurance and green card insurance is mandatory. For more information on insurance companies, check

Citizens of the European Union and countries that had signed the Vienna Convention on Public Roads can use their national driver's licenses, all others are required to have an international license.