Being a foreigner you may have some difficulties with finding a good place to live here in Budapest. We tried to collect some useful information for you, and you can also help each other by exchanging your thoughts and ideas, discussing your experiences in comments at the bottom of this page.


Apartments in Budapest

Budapest consists of twenty-three districts.

Buda's districts are I, II, III, XI, XII, XXII.

Pest's districts are IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX, XX, XXI, XXIII.

The most popular districts for expatriate families are the 2nd, 3rd, 11th and12th in the hilly Buda side. Singles and couples usually prefer Pest because this side offers closer proximity to work and the City’s social facilities. The centrally located districts in Pest are the 5th, 6th, 7th and the southern edge of 13. These districts are within walking distance of CEU or easily accessible by bike. Prices vary depending on location, type and size of apartment. Flat costs are higher in Buda than in Pest, although the center districts of Pest can be as expensive as the Buda districts. Renting an average apartment (2 room apartment) for a month would cost about 400 Euro to 800 Euro excluding utilities.

Lease Contract

- Hungarian and English lease agreement templates can be downloaded here. It’s reccommended that you sign both Hungarian and English copies.

- The most common rental arrangement is a fixed-term lease. If you are a third country citizen, please make sure that you sign a contract at least for two years. You’ll need the contract when you obtain a 2-year residence permit.

- You may need to pay a security deposit which is refunded at the end of the contract. If any damage has been done, the landlord is allowed to withhold the amount of the money needed for the repairs from the deposit.

- Automatic bank transfer is the preferred method for paying utility bills, but they can be paid at post offices as well.

When searching the internet, you’ll find a wide variety of rental listings that will help you find the perfect apartment. Here are some online rental sites you may find useful.


CEU Residence Center

CEU Residence Center can be a good place to stay while searching an aparment to rent. It offers furnished, air-conditioned single and double rooms. All rooms are equipped with a private bathroom.

Getting from the Center to CEU takes about 45 minutes. Take any bus that stops opposite the CEU Residence Center and go to the final station, to Örs Vezér tér. Take the Metro2 to Deák tér. (6 stops)

For more details, please see the website of the Residence Center.

1106 Kerepesi út 87.

Telephone: 327-31-50


Apartment Houses

Renting an apartment house might be a cheaper option than staying in a hotel. The prices of a studio apartment start at 400 Euro/month.

Pest side

Premium Apartment House

1139 Budapest, Országbíró út 44.

Agape Apartment House

1074 Budapest, Akácfa u. 12.

Royal Apartman

1053 Budapest, Ferenciek tere 2. fsz. 1.

Corner House (max. two people)

1016 Budapest, Mészáros u. 46.


Buda side

Charles Apartment House

1016 Budapest, Hegyalja út 23.

International Apartment House

1015 Budapest Donáti u. 53.

IBUSZ Apartments (Buda & Pest side)

According to the agreement between IBUSZ and CEU, flats are available at reasonable prices.